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Because I see it too often, I started to compile a list of blog posts about PHP shaming and how irrelevant this is.

PHP Modern app development

PHP has a bad reputation among many programmers — some of them because of the language’s past mistakes, lack of standardization, security issues, and code styling. That’s why new programmers don’t see PHP as an valid option for developing their projects. For your information, PHP 7 has overcome so many past issues and improved speed. Now PHP is insanely fast and has type hinting for methods and return types, making the language more consistent.

Written by Pablo Rodriguez V.
2018-02-26 via

Is PHP relevant?

One of the most common questions I’m asked by academees, applicants and even other developers, is, ‘why do you teach PHP?’ or, sometimes even, ‘isn’t PHP a dead language?’

Written by Mike Oram
2018-02-08 via

This is what modern PHP looks like

I have several problems working with PHP on a daily basis, but one cannot close their eyes to the changes taking place in the language, community and the ecosystem. There is a long road ahead, but things are getting mature in the land of PHP.

Written by Felipe Lopes
2018-01-13 via

Imposter Syndrome: PHP Edition

Programming is an amazingly cliquish community. Every developer has a preferred language with philosophical reasoning or performance rankings to back up the choice. I love the variety we have when picking a technology, it keeps the industry exciting and nimble. However, I hate all of the constant derision that many programmers throw at languages they don’t use.

Written by Andrew Davis
2017-11-28 via

Who uses PHP anyway?

People shitting on PHP isn’t going to go away, it’s a symptom of a few things. PHP has a ridiculously flat learning curve so just about anyone can write code using it, this means a lot of amateurs and ‘get it done’ developers will choose php but...

Written by Colin DeCarlo
2017-09-09 via

It’s Cool to Hate PHP

PHP is one of the most popular language on the internet yet it’s also one of the most hated language thanks to it’s inconsistencies and issues, here is the list of known PHP issues.

Written by Keving Ongko
2017-07-28 via

$PHP = 💩

It’s well known that PHP is a dead programming language and that its 22-year-old ecosystem is effectively useless now that we have Node and its fancy new asynchronous frameworks. Node’s superiority is evident because everyone knows that single-threaded, asynchronous, programs are better by default.

Written by Simon Yousoufov
2017-04-07 via

Taking PHP Seriously

Slack uses PHP for most of its server-side application logic, which is an unusual choice these days. Why did we choose to build a new project in this language? Should you?

Written by Keith Adams
2016-10-12 via

Is PHP a badly designed programming language?

Yes, it’s a horribly designed language (read PHP: a fractal of bad design if there is any doubt in your mind), but by asking this question you’re misunderstanding PHP.

2014-09-14 via