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Some things you should consider when choosing a stack for a new project

by Mathieu

Posted on January, 10 2020

"If one day, I launch my startup, I will use language X instead of the crappy stack I have in my current job".

I have heard this one more than once. And today I would like to discuss some items that I think should be considered when answering this question ("what stack should I choose for this greenfield project ?"), instead of only focusing on one's favorite language.

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The Surgeon Metaphor

by Mathieu

Posted on December, 18 2017

Sometimes, I like to think of we developers as surgeons. I guess you heard before "developers are like writers", "developers are like gardeners", "developers are like artists" ... did you know "developers are like surgeons" ?
Here is why I like this metaphor...

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Basic code is easy to maintain

by Mathieu

Posted on August, 26 2017

Recently I have been practicing a development strategy that proved quite efficient. I call this "basic code is easy to maintain". The contrary also works: "complex code is hard to maintain".

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