Hello World

A few weeks ago I decided to open a blog. Here it is !

I have learned very valuable insights from reading developers blogs such as Pascal Martin and I hope to help fellow developers as well with this blog.

In the beginning I thought about using a standard CMS like Wordpress, but it was too big for my need, I wanted something lighter. I tried a few blogging tools like Dropplets but I was not happy with the result so in the end I built it myself.

The structure of this blog is:

  • MarkdownBlogBundle for the data structure, it does not need a database, only YAML anf Markdown files
  • Bootstrap for the front
  • wrapped in a Symfony application

It has been a long time since I did not write CSS as I am a backend developer. It was fun and rewarding to do some frontend stuff again. Having to choose a host and setup the server was new to me too. In the end building this blog was a very profitable project.

Special thanks to @mdo for the awesome blog Bootstrap template I am using.

Note: in 2023 I rebuilt this blog so this content is not accurate anymore. The new blog uses Hugo and Geekblog.