Your Pull Request is not a gift

As a maintainer of several open source projects for now 3 years, I regularly meet people, mostly about an open source contribution. This allows me to experience all kinds of interactions. Most of them are collaborative and great, and keep me thrilled to work in open source. But some of them are spoiled by common beliefs or preconceived ideas about open source. So I’d like to bust one today.

Why should I contribute to Open Source?

When a user submits a bug report on PrestaShop open source project, we thank him for the report and ask if he is willing to submit a Pull Request to fix it. To which some people answers “I’m sorry? Why should I fix the bug myself? Why should I do your job?” and that is actually a very important and relevant question.

What happens to Pull Requests after they are submitted

Note: this blog post was written as part of my mission as a PrestaShop maintainer

The PrestaShop project currently (September 2019) has 389 pull requests open and new Pull Requests are opened almost everyday. All of these pull requests go through a thorough process which aims to provide a stable, consistent and reliable software that we all know under the name PrestaShop. Here is this process in details.